my story

I began this blog to share little pieces of my every day life and to stay inspired. I love discovering and learning new things and sharing experiences. I read the odd book, make the odd painting, travel to the odd country and shoot the odd photograph during this wacky life of mine. I am content with the simpler things, like the smell of a fresh picked tomato or spotting the moon or sharing a smile. I will use this web space to show you things that I find and make and do as I continue to follow my dreams and live an inspired life.

My passions lie in art and design. I love studying the work of designers, architects and artists from previous decades and seeing how influential their visions were in reforming society. I’m especially interested in the movements that happened within modernism esp. de Stijl and Bauhaus, for the clean aesthetic and progressive approach to design. I have shaped my own vision by using my experiences and knowledge to determine what I value and applying those values within everything I create.

My blog will most likely reflect this vision as well and I hope to inspire you the way that so many others have inspired me.