Monday, January 30, 2012

5 things I like in my home

I will share five things I look at and use daily that continually make me smile and feel cozy here in my apartment in Eindhoven. 

(1) A few summers ago, I painted this mural to add a little whimsical fun to the living room wall.

(2) I love getting mail. I celebrate the kind messages that I’ve received over the years by framing them around my door.

(3) Instagram. I was inspired by Elise’s blog post to finally do something with my iphone photos.

(4) Have I mentioned that I have a thing for bears? So majestic and powerful. I’m actually afraid of them but this little guy is pretty sweet (a gift from my mother).

(5) Finally the yellow chair. I got it second hand and it’s that perfect chair to lounge in when pondering, drinking tea or reading.
Have a good day!

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