Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bloom: a beautiful art installation

If you read 'Colossal' Art and Design Blog you likely would have come across this post: "Bloom: 28,000 Potted Flowers Installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center"
I have to say, this is brilliant. The concept is so deep and meaningful and the execution/outcome is incredible. If you have a few minutes I urge you to visit for more photos and to read the full interview with artist, Anna Schuleit
"How does one memorialize a building impossibly rich with a history of both hope and sadness, and do it in a way that reflects not only the past but also the future?" 
-Christopher Jobson
For more details and the full interview with the artist check out colossal blog, you can also check out the bloom homepage or the artist's website. All images copyright Anna Schuleit.

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