Tuesday, May 22, 2012

planting a tulip

Yes, I know tulips are meant to be planted in late autumn in order to pop up in time for spring but I came across this little bulb on the weekend so I decided to plant it and see if it grows. Here's what I did:
1. find an old tin box (any container will do) I found this one at the second hand shop
2. poke some holes in the bottom to allow for water drainage
3. place the bulb roots downward and lightly pack soil around it leaving the top sticking out
4. water and place outside
It was a beautifully sunny day today (finally, it has been a long awaited spring over here in The Netherlands) perfect for a little bit of gardening. Much more to come!


  1. I have some tea tins and an old broken music box that I've been considering using for planting things in! This has got me quite inspired :) !


  2. cute :)
    at first I thought the bulb was a chicken wing :P

  3. believe me, it's a chicken wing :)

    1. hehe perhaps, we will see if it grows a flower.. then we will know it's not a chicken wing :P

  4. This is so cute, I love tea tins.
    I've actually been meaning to plant some succulents in an old tea tin I have laying around. I should do that today. :)