Wednesday, March 21, 2012

it's spring: outfit post

Well hello there. This warm weather has been so inspiring. Spring is upon us: more time spent outdoors, energizing sunshine and new growth.
I recently made my first thrift shop purchase of the season, this vibrant red skirt.

Along with the skirt I'm wearing these extremely comfy moccasins. A few weeks ago, I attended a Pow Wow at Conestogo College in Kitchener where I got to enjoy a day of ceremonial dancing and drumming. While there, I purchased this pair of hand made moccasins from a woman native to the Canadian prairies. 

The necklace is a gold plated leaf from an Australian eucalyptus tree. Not only do I find it beautiful and unique but also it symbolizes my experience there and it will forever embody my memories of living in Sydney.

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