Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a new collection

For some time now I've been considering starting a collection of some sort. My brother and sister-inlaw took photos of mailboxes (for a friend of theirs) in each country they visited during their travels through Europe. It was such a cool idea, each country has a unique mailbox. It turned out to be a pretty darn neat collection. 
*by the way if you are interested in reading about their travels through Europe they made a very elaborate and witty travel blog here

As for me, I'm pretty stationary in The Netherlands so I wanted my collection to reflect something of this country. 
Ahh hah! Yesterday, at the second hand store I found my item. 
: Delfts Blauwe tiles : 
I want my collection to have some variety so I am not sticking strictly to Delfts Blauwe, I will branch out in designs in order to get a fun tile collage in the end. One day I will install them on the wall and they will be a lovely reminder of my time here in Holland.